Supply Chain Management with Quick Release_

External data, opaque third-party processes and unpredictable variables. Supply chain is rarely glamorous and is rarely easy. But getting it right is essential to successful programme delivery, ongoing lifecycle management and public perception.

Delivering inter-organisation data visibility, process transparency and stakeholder trust.

Implementing some comparatively easy and unobtrusive steps to actively manage supply chains can help ensure both established manufacturers and challengers’ successfully commercializing world-beating new IP, avoid costly delays and reputational damage.

With global experience of helping our clients deliver successful complex engineered product builds through order management, sourcing, supplier liaison and MRP integration, trust QR_ to see your components from design to line.

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“Manufacturers rely heavily on their supply chain management processes to ensure timely production. Supply chain processes usually run-in decentralized systems without any connection between stock management and part ordering. This lack of transparency in supply chain data is a major barrier to establishing reliable manufacturing requirement planning processes (MRP).”

Parsa Esfahanian, Supply Chain Management Champion

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